Source code for openva_pipeline.exceptions


This module contains the set of openva_pipeline's exceptions.

[docs]class PipelineError(Exception): """Base class for exceptions in the openva_pipeline module."""
[docs]class DatabaseConnectionError(PipelineError): """An error occurred connecting to the Transfer database."""
[docs]class PipelineConfigurationError(PipelineError): """An error occurred accessing the Pipeline_Conf table in the DB."""
[docs]class ODKConfigurationError(PipelineError): """An error occurred accessing the ODK_Conf table in the DB."""
[docs]class OpenVAConfigurationError(PipelineError): """An error occurred accessing the OpenVA_Conf table in the DB."""
[docs]class DHISConfigurationError(PipelineError): """An error occurred accessing the DHIS_Conf table in the DB."""
[docs]class DHISError(PipelineError): """An error occurred with the dhis module."""
[docs]class ODKError(PipelineError): """An error occurred with the odk module."""
[docs]class OpenVAError(PipelineError): """An error occurred with the openVA module."""
[docs]class SmartVAError(PipelineError): """An error occurred with the openVA module."""